Monday, 4 November 2013

Funny in 15

The next part of funny in 15 for me was more 2d animation.


This shot proved a bit more difficult to animate as it was all about the lift and showing weight, but also not too much weight as the main part of this animation was the gag that this skinny weak character is lifting a heavy sumo wrestler. but i felt that i achieved what i wanted after altering the animation a few times and going back over it. in the end i just acted it out and done a lot of research into this dance move.



This shot was very simple to animate but was all about the facial expressions which i really loved doing. it was a very easy piece of animation to do but at the same time hard to get the right expression and i found that the timing was the main thing in this piece with pausing certain face movements for longer . 


The final shot for funny in 15 I had to animate, a simple very quick piece of animation, the main thing i had to think about in this animation was how the limbs would move and how they just gave way, the it was a case of just adding in the little things like the facial expressions and eyes turning to crosses. 

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