Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pre Production Project

For this project we were give 4 cards consisting of a setting, a character, a style and a show. it was completely pot luck and the idea was that we have to come up with a story including all 4 cards.

The card I received where:

Setting : WW2 Berlin
Style: 60s/70s Underground Comics  
Character : Hermit 
Show: Music show

My initial thoughts was to do a story about this hermit character who lived underground away from the warzone above in Berlin. and when it went quiet the hermit would come up to the surface and collect the soldiers souls which he kept in his underground lair in jars and bottles. I loved everything about this idea i had and cold see it going a long way. but after pitching my idea i soon found that we had to stick firmly to are cards in terms of what are animation had to be and mine was a music show, so this quite sinical and dark story went out the window.

here where some of the concept pieces I did for my original idea.

This was my initial character design for the hermit which is this all knowing wise man who represents solitude.

The war zone setting. i Tried to get the comic book style across in this piece but found it harder than i had first expected.

The underground cave where the hermit lives and stores all the souls of the dead soldiers.
again i tried to get across that black and white comic book style but with a bit more detail. I felt that this piece was allot more successful that the one above.

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