Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pre Production Project

So my initial idea was a no go. This meant i went back to the beginning and primarily done allot of research, mainly on my style first. I looked at underground comix in detail and found that the artist Robert crumb was said to be the pioneer of underground comix I really loved his style and the content in his comix were just crazy which made me love his work even more.

Here is just a few examples of the vast amount of comics and illustrations Robert crumb has done.

I also came across a documentary called the confessions of Robert crumb, which was really interesting to watch as it gave me an incite into his life and who he is as an artist. i found that he is just as mad as his drawings.

After doing more research it sparked an idea for a new story.

This new story is based around the idea that for the soldiers to get into Hitler army they have to be able to sing. it will be along the same lines as x factory but with Hitler and his fellow men as the judges with the soldiers as the people auditioning for a place in his army. if the soldiers cant sing then they would be sentenced to death. The hermit character is the executioner hired by Hitler to kill off any of the un talented soldiers. I want there to not be much focus on the main story but more on the back stage element of the show with crazy things going on and creature comfort styled interviews with the soldiers and the hermit character. 
I haven't thought a great deal about what format it would be but i was thinking more of  strong black comedy series as it doesn't have a strong story and will have some strong violent and rude content in it.

So the next stage was to come up with some concepts of various bits in the same style as Robert crumb.

I started by trying to create a poster looking concept in the same style of r. crumb but mainly tried to get across the message of what the series or show would be about. and then a quick character design of one of the soldiers in the same style.

here is just a few frames of what the set-up of the show would be with the interview backstage first, then the performance on stage and then the execution and interview at the end. This is a very brief structure of what an episode could be like  and i plan to change allot of the content in each episode to make it more unexpected, crazy and interesting.

 and finally a quick concept of what the hermit could look like back stage as an executioner.

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