Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Funny in 15 project


we decided to make things quicker to do the animation in 2D as it was only a short 15 second animation. we sorted out a system of having Bradley do the main key frames to get the timing right and then me and Charlotte would go over with the more characterised animation and do the in-between. i had the skinny guy in a suit character and Charlotte had the sumo wrestler. we decided to only have one person animating each character to keep the style consistent throughout.

I started with a rough character design to make it allot easier to animate .

I didn't really think about this character much other than i knew i wanted it to be very simple and the fact that he would be lifting a sumo i thought it might be nice to make him look really weak with long flimsy limbs and large clown type feet.

first I did the rough animation just trying to get the type of walk correct with the right pace and trying to get the character across in it.


I next added more detail and filled in the gaps.

finally i added facial expression and small things like the movement of the tie and briefcase.



shot 2 was more of a close up facial expression of the character saying "huu" just for 1 second.

again first i put the rough animation in.

and the final animation with colour and more subtle movements.

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