Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Funny in 15 project

The funny in 15 project, the aim to create a funny animation that last 15 seconds.
so far i have been really happy with my group and how we are working together and just thought i would do an update on my contribution and progress within the group.


One of the backgrounds was from the side and here is the progression from my first rough concept to the finished thing.

This first one was to get a rough idea of what the background could look like.

After showing Charlotte and Bradley, my other group members and seeing what they think we came to the conclusion of it needing to be longer to fit in the animation and to have more freedom to add different camera moves.

also to add a pin board to the hall way just to break up the amount of doors involved.

next i added colour to the original design and again got feedback from the group and we decided to add another board to spread things out further so it would give more focus onto the characters when they are added into the scene.

finally i added extra ligting and detail, i also changed the colour of the doors to draw attention away from them so again the focus would be more on the characters.

The second background was allot easier to do after coming up with colour scheme and design that the group had all agreed on.

 This background was all about trying to get the perspective and camera angle right from the original intention from the animatic.

Again i finished off with the same colour scheme and some lighting.

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