Sunday, 2 November 2014


Its been a while since my last blog post so here is an update on everything.

My Pitch for the short film headless was successfully and is now in the making!
After I was told that my film was chosen to go through me and Toby Ellis started to think about who we would need on are project and started recruiting a team. Being one of the only 3D films that was chosen i had the opportunity to have some very talented 3D people working on this film.

I have taken the place as director and art director working mainly on the story so for but also over seeing how everything is looking doing concepts and will eventually be doing alot of texture work as this is something im keen to get into.

The Team

Me : Director/Art Director

Toby Ellis: Co-Director, head modeller, texture artist

Matteo Veglia: Producer

Tony Walker: Character Rigger

Alan Towndrow: Character Modeller/environment modeller

Elliot Forrest: Environment/ vehicle modeller

Jacob Pickering: Environment/ Vehichle Modeller

so that's the core team so far who are all very talented and are doing a brilliant job in there roles so far, being a big job to create a short 3d animation within this amount of time the people who work on this project will grow more and more when different jobs need to be done.

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