Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Headless Short film

In a few weeks time I will be pitching my idea for a short film in front of my fellow class mates and an industry panel so i thought its time to make my idea more interesting and refined. 
the rough outline of the story ....

He is the only person in the world to be born with their head detached from their body, but the head and the body have two separate personalities, desires and attitudes. They never get on with each other but need each other to do everyday tasks. How will they learn to live with each other and become one person?

Im really excited about this idea but i'm more excited about creating a world and characters that are visually stunning. I am planning on creating the film in 3D and it will range between 3-4 minutes  long. Although it will be in 3d Im planning on sticking with a more stylised look inspired by many different artists. i have collected a range of images which can bee seen on my pintrest board http://www.pinterest.com/rhysharvey/headless-film-inspiration/. But recently I have been more inspired by the work of an artist called Goro Fujita, check out his blog http://chapter-56.blogspot.co.uk/

A back alley of the setting of my film inspired by the beautiful cornish seaside town Falmouth, where i am very luck to be living. 

The body of the main character.

The Building that the main characters the head and body live. 

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