Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fxu Freelance Animation

A while back i was asked to create a short animation by my universities student union, Falmouth & Exeter student union (FXU) the animation had to promote there advice and welfare services and the style was my choice. I wanted to use this opportunity to try  out a different style and experiment with fluid moving 2d animation. I used Tv paint and i was inspired by the work of crcr http://www.crcr.fr/ a small animation company with a very distinctive style. So here is the short animation that I created from scratch from the beginning concepts to the final edit.

I was very happy to be given this opportunity as i had the chance to do everything on this short animation which was a nice experience as i only had to rely on myself and although there was a deadline i could work at whatever pace i wanted and had that freedom to create what i wanted. As long as the clients where happy with what i was putting into the animation.

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