Sunday, 30 November 2014

Headless Concept art

The animatic has finally reached a point that im happy with so its now time to move onto concepts :) At this stage in the project I am the only 3rd year pre production concept artist working on this film and with so many modellers working on the project i am immediately under pressure to produce concepts quickly as it has started to get to the stage that the modellers are modelling things such as buildings and vehicles from photo reference and trying themselves to change it to the style im going for but not achieving the look i want. so its been a struggle to keep everyone going in the same art direction but now i have time to create some concepts it is starting to look more like what i had initially imagined. Anyway here are the concepts so far with much more to come.

I did this concept at the very beginning of the project but i have forgot to show it of. but here she is the bookshop owner who is one of the main characters in the film. 

The Interior of the Bookshop 

The missing wall that The camera is looking from in the previous concept.

Boots For The Body 
The Interior of the flat where the body and head live which is situated opposite the bookshop. 

   Building Concepts, influenced by Falmouth

All of my concept Art and 3d work are now on ArtStation! feel free to check it out.

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