Sunday, 2 November 2014

Headless Concepts and Art Direction

Before i Pitched This as an idea i spent a long time refining what style i wanted it to be in, i had the style in my head and eventually got it down on paper.

the style is a mixture of artists work that i have seen but all with this similar look using pastel colours with an edgy painterly look to it.

Style reference. 

So After studying images like the ones above I re did some of my old concepts and tried to get this style in there. I Have see this style  a lot now i have been looking for it but im hoping that taking reference from a combination of them and creating this in 3D with give it a slightly more original take on it.  

Here is all the concepts so Far for headless all created by me. 

Concept art is something that I have always loved doing and is something I wish to do a lot for this film. But being the director and sorting the story out at the same time is making it difficult to create the concepts along side all the other work. The concepts are a key thing to have so modellers can then create the stuff in 3D and keep to the style but at the moment the modellers are quicker at doing the work than there is concepts being produced so I have started to recruit extra concept artists and am still looking for more. 

Flat design

A key part to the story is figuring out how everything is going to work in 3D and how things are going to work together in a way that the story makes sense within the environment. The flat interior was one of those environments that had to be right and fit with the style, i didn't have the time to design this so i got a second year on board 

Katie Wyman, who is brilliant at concept work and i asked her to design the interior of the flat, at this stage it was just a plan to get an idea of where everything would happen. 

I gave her information about what was going to happen in the story and what we would need where and this was the result. 

it may not seem like much at the moment but i was very pleased with it as it all works perfectly and fits with everything around the story that will take place in the apartment. 

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