Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Headless Man

So my pre production idea of the Headless man has changed allot over the past few weeks. I am still keeping with the idea of this man being the only person in the world born with the issue of his head and body being apart. but have developed the idea that the head and the body are two separate characters with two separate personalities. 

He is the only person in the world to be born with their head detached from their body, but the head and the body have two separate personalities, desires and attitudes. They never get on with each other but need each other to do everyday tasks. How will they learn to live with each other and become one person?

I wanted to make the main focus of the story just about the head and the body, and how they don't get on. 

  The Head

The logical and smart one, although very lazy. He is very shy, bounces rolls and drags himself about but needs the body in order to carry out many everyday tasks. He likes to think that he can manage without the body and despises the body because of his clumsiness and stupidity. But he still makes an effort to work with the body.

The Body

The body is the outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic one who is always on his feet. But is very clumsy as he doesn't have the sense on sight although he can hear. He is always knocking into things and hurting himself so he needs the head to help him see where he is going but doesn't’ like to admit it.

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