Sunday, 13 April 2014


The Deep project has come along nicely and we have started to put together more concepts and finally came up with a plan for how the styles of buildings are going to come together and work as one city.

I created a very rough concept of buildings in the format of how are camera would pan down the different levels to give the group an idea of how it could all piece together without it looking odd.

And some more concepts I did for the top desert level and a couple of buildings.

i had really enjoyed doing these concepts and made me want to sit down and spend a long time on one to make it look really good but with the amount of work I had for different projects i stopped myself and got on with other concepts.

The next thing was to create the bulk of the city so we knew how it would all look with the positioning of the buildings so Oly modelled this basic composition of buildings which i adapted a bit just to re position some of the buildings. 


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