Wednesday, 30 April 2014


So the basic positioning of the buildings and look of the city is established so its now just down to modelling the city. At this stage I was in charge of putting it all together and deciding which buildings were put where as well as doing a couple more concepts. Toby and Oly modelled all the buildings and Lydia was doing concepts that the tow guys could use for reference.

The city soon got built up very quickly as we could duplicate buildings and place in different places.
here it is the look of the city so far and where the buildings would be and so on. I was pleased with the look of it at this point and really enjoyed putting it all together.

The next stage was to figure out how we where going to do the texturing as there was so much to do in so little time. We had came across the technique of projection mapping where we could do one texture/painting and projected it straight onto the surface of the building, saving us the hassle of uv unwrapping. So I had a go at this and learnt how to technically do it and see if it would be quicker and easier than using uv unwrapping.


I found this a really interesting process and was much quicker once I learnt technically how to do it. me and lydia where more comfortable doing the texturing this was as it was more like creating a concept and was easy to see what was what as a posed to uvs where sometimes it can be confusing. So two of us textured the buildings this way and two of us uv unwrapped the buildings and done them that way.

We found that with projection mapping some parts of the buildings get missed out so we decided to use projection on the buildings that where more straight on to the camera and uvs for the more complex buildings where you see more faces of things. 

here is the city so far with a few of the textures in place.

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