Saturday, 29 March 2014

3rd year film idea

So its time to start thinking of film ideas for are major 3rd year films. I have come up with the idea of this one person that is born into the world with the issue that his head keeps falling of so his body and head can be pulled apart but he still remains alive. I want the main focus of the film to be on this character and his life with all the problems that he may face. Being inspired by the film Surfs up and the creature comforts series i have chosen to base my film around a documentary style where there will be interviews of members that have been involved with this character and his problems.

Creature comforts

For example at the start I am thinking of having the birth of the character and then it could cut to interviews of the doctors and nurses who where involved and they would tell their thoughts on the birth.

I don't want the whole film to be interviews as i feel like it would take the focus away from the headless characters feelings and will make it hard for the viewer to sympathise with this character so I still want the main focus to be from the headless characters point of view. Or at least have a back story to it.

Any way I have been brainstorming ideas for characters and really like the idea of having the characters heads shaped very rectangular but to have the headless characters head more rounded to emphasize the difference in this character. I had done a few sketches but found it allot easier to go straight into 3D and sculpt it to see what it would look like, although im still not sure whether its going to be 2D or 3D.


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