Friday, 14 March 2014

3D Texturing

Recently I Have Been getting into doing a lot more texturing on 3d objects for the third year films. I have been working on (a light from the dark) a short film about a girl being chased by a monster. Although i don't feel like this is a great project, the work i have done on this project has taught me allot. For this project the texturing is being done through the use of uvs.

These were painted in Photoshop so it was very quick to get the detail and texture of the material in but was more awkward to read and understand what parts of the uvs where where on the 3D character.

after getting used to it and the layout of the uvs i found myself putting them onto the 3d model to check how it would look. Then it was a case of going back a forth the 3d model and the Photoshop textures to get specific parts to look right. But this is what the textures on the 3d girl character look like so far.

I have Also been working on the thrd year film ( Heart Of the Tree) which is a short film about a hare, hiyena and a magical tree. The story is about greed and friendship, Working on this project has been a great experience so far  and i look forward to doing more texturing for it.

I Have been given the task of texturing the two main characters,the hare and the hyena.These textures where created using ptex in mudbox. A method which allows the texture artist to paint straight onto the 3d object without the use of uvs. Also the style of textur that the film is going for is more painterly and in a similar style to Meet Buck.


Here is the Final Textured hare i completed using mudbox and trying to keep to that painterly look.

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