Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pre-Production Animation

So for the end of this pre production animation we had to animate a scene from are animatic, my idea eventually developed into this music show consisting of a battle between Hitler(the judge) and the hermit who is this character that lives below the stage and controls what goes on up on stage. The short film evolves around this fight between Hitler and the hermit and there different tastes for music. The whole animation will also be in the style of Robert crumb and have some of his rude and unique content in.

The animatic is a clip from only part of the whole story so may not make much sense:

I chose to animate a scene of Hitler going crazy over one of the acts in a way very similar to wolfy from red hot riding hood. Here is the animation in a progression from the rough animation to the final coloured clip.


The final Animated Clip

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