Thursday, 23 January 2014

Getting the style of Robert Crumb

A main aspect of are pre production project was to get the artists style and try to create are work in a very similar style. It took lots of copying and practising to get a similar looking style to his amazing illustrations which are so unique and feel like I still haven't achieved it.

I started with just looking at his work, copying it and then trying to put that style into my own characters. I originally just used a Biro pen to do the drawings but later on started to use ink in the same way that Robert Crumb did to try and get inside his head and do the work as he did. Watching This video was also a great resource to get an idea of who he was as an artist. The Confessions of Robert Crumb

so i copied his work and finally adapted it to fit with my characters in my project. One of my characters is Britney spears and instead of trying to make her look like Britney I decided to try and make her look more like Robert Crumbs work but in a way more simplified.

The next thing was to try and create my backgrounds to look similar to that out of Fritz the cat.
I wasn't that pleased with the outcome and didn't feel like I achieved the style as well as I could have but I still enjoyed creating them.

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