Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fritz the Cat

For my Pre-Production Project I chose to look at the art work of Robert Crumb and came across the animated film Fritz the cat, created from the comics Fritz the Cat by Robert Crumb. Many people would say that this film is Outrageous because of its very racial and crude content. But I disagree, yes it has got allot of content in that may be offensive to people but then again so has every film. I watched the film mainly for the style and to study the animation its self but found myself loving the film for its content as well.

But anyway I studied the animation as i would have to mimic this style in a piece of my animation and also looked more in depth at the backgrounds that where painted in this film. I went on to find that they where painted by Jonny Vita. It was this water colour effect that particularly intrigued me.

When trying to find these backgrounds I found this blog to be a great resource

Backgrounds from the animated film Fritz The Cat:

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