Saturday, 4 January 2014

11 Second Club Animation

So we where given the task of doing an 11 second club animation for one of are modules.
The 11 second club is a competition where each month an 11 second sound clip is given out on the website and anyone can animate whatever they want to the sound clip and they enter them on the website at the end of each month.

We where given this task half way through the month so we didn't have to enter it to the website, but the idea of doing this task is to get us to create an 11 second fully finished animation within a month.

as we started the task at the end of November we had the choice of using the November sound clip or the December. This was the sound clip that I chose to animate to.

I started buy listening to the sound clip over and over but the first thing that popped into my head was what I stuck with. it was the idea of an angry character running into a door, kicking it down and then stomping up some stairs angrily as if he's after someone and then at the end he falls through the floor boards.

I chose to use the Alex rig that I found on animation buffet which is a great resource for a range of different rigs out there.

I had played around with a few rigs and found this was nice and simple to use, had all the features that i was looking for and i liked the overall look of the character.

I then sketched out some environment concepts which i would then have to model in Maya later.

and a quick sketch of the layout of the environment and where the character would be moving about in that space.

L.A.V Tests

The next step was to do a few L.A.V tests for reference to make it easier to understand what actions i will have to animate.

I Then modelled the very basic environment and done the rough animation to fit it in with the sound. 

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