Sunday, 4 August 2013

Student Ambassador Film

Within the first few months of being a student ambassador and an animation student me and the rest of the ambassadors on the animation course were approached with the task of creating a short video to explain and advertise what a student ambassador is and all of the things that come with being an ambassador. The brief was to mention specific things and that it had to be suitable for the university website. other than these small restrictions we were allowed to do what we wanted with it. Me, Tony Walker, Matteo Veglia and James Rowden who did the sound all worked together on this film along side are course work. we treated it professionally and went through the whole process of starting with meetings to get initial ideas from everyone, a short story board, a plan of how and when we would shoot each piece of animation/film and what was possible in the time given. we all had are individual strengths but as this was are first project together like this we all decided to chip in with whatever we could as we all had lectures and things going on at different times.

It proved hard to focus on this short film and get what we initially wanted to do done, as other work got in the way but all in all i felt that we worked well together as a team and i certainly learnt allot from this team project and got to work with some talented people on my course and people from outside the university such as Lee Bickerstaff who worked on the sound.

Looking back on it i feel like there was allot more we could have done with it and it could have looked better but for a first team work based project that we were being payed for we and the university were pleased with it so i was happy with it.

Check out the finished video on the falmouth university website here   or below.

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