Monday, 26 August 2013

Inspired by the gaming industry

                                                                      The Last of Us.

I had always been put off by the idea of working in the game industry for some reason, maybe its because i felt that games are a bit limiting with the things that you can put into them, whereas there are not as many limits with film. But after coming across this game and playing it my mind has defiantly been changed.

A game set in a time after the human race has been devastated by an infection and when nature has reclaimed back the cities and habitats of humanity. This game is very brutal at times and has a very standard story line when it comes to the theme of an infection overtaking. But I don't think it matters because the way this game is made in terms of the look and game play is truly amazing.

The main thing about this game that really has changed my perception of the game industry is the attention to detail in this game and the beautiful look of it. Environment design and concept art has always been a big interest of mine. Playing this game and watching this video has inspired me even more to pursue my love for art in a future career.

It truly is a beautiful looking game and weather your a gamer or not i highly recommend that you play this game to just see how well it has been done and why the game industry is getting bigger and bigger.

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