Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Drawing portraits has always been something that i have really enjoyed doing since i first started doing art and I'm not sure why, maybe because i feel that i can get allot of emotion across in a portraits more than that in a landscape painting and so on. I still find it odd how popular portraits are considering we see peoples faces every day are of are lives and still find it pleasing to look at a piece of art that is of someones face. maybe its because it is something we all recognize easily and after all it is how we get are emotions across to each other. so i started doing a lot of portrait drawings mainly going for a realistic style just with pencil. First it started as just a hobby but eventually came to a stage where people paid me to do portraits.

Here is a selection of portraits, drawing and paintings that i have done in the past and recently.

 My first attempt at doing an animal portrait, and surprisingly i found it easier to draw an animals face.

 This portrait was done using nothing but a blue biro pen.

acrylic painting on canvas
this was done very quickly using acrylic paint on an old peace of cardboard.

This painting was done again using acrylic on a canvas board, but this time i tried to make it as realistic as i could using a photo for reference. 

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