Sunday, 29 March 2015

Headless Update - Texturing

Hello all, it has been a while since I have updated my blog so there is lots to show off.

Headless as a whole has been going really well in some areas but not so much in others. I have been focusing on the Texturing side of the film and making sure the town buildings and characters have good quality textures that still fit with original style of the film. UV unwrapping was one of the laborious tasks that had to take place but now all of the buildings are unwrapped and ready for the texture artists. I have taken the role as lead Texture artist, overseeing everyone's texturing and  texturing myself the characters and key interiors and exteriors of buildings. I chose to start with the Flat interior as it was one of the most important interiors and has a lot of assets to unwrap and texture.  

I decided to unwrap and texture the assets as I went along instead of unwrapping everything and then texture everything at once. This way I can start to see it all coming together quickly and realise what to focus on and what not focus on. It also makes the whole process more rewarding for myself as I can see it all coming together as I work and when I get bored of uv unwrapping I move to texturing. doing it this way I have found I work much faster as I'm not doing the same thing for too long.

The original Concept created by myself

Texturing, Look development, ncloth, Lighting and rendering created by myself.

Modeling by Toby Ellis

created using Maya, Mari, Photoshop and Vray

Im very Happy with the outcome so far and its Great to see finally some work getting close to the final stages of the film. I also used Mari to texture this scene and after learning it and continuously finding more things that it can do as a piece of software. These images are work in progress and are created using only diffuse textures. 

I have also been focusing of texturing the exterior of the bookshop, again using Mari and Photoshop.
 again a work in progress with just diffuse and specular maps at the moment. 

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