Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Walks with Performance

Here we were asked to animate 3 walks from a list of various walks. A walk is a very important thing when it comes to animation and is supposed to be one of the hardest things to get right. we had to animate these three walks but put performance in them and over exaggerate them slightly. The idea if this brief was to get us to study peoples walks. i found this really interesting and enjoyed the studying part allot more than the animation. 

i chose to animate a macho male walk, a flirty female walk and a sad walk. when doing these animations i used Richard Williams animators survival kit book as guidance as it has a great section on the timing of walks.

Flirty Female Walk

I felt that this was maybe the most successful one because i felt it had more performance in and stronger key poses in.

Macho Male Walk

This walk didn't go as well, i don't know why it didn't look great. but i feel it was because the walk its self needed to be over exaggerated more to make it obvious what walk it is because me this looks more like a confident happy walk.

Sad Walk

Again i feel like this walk needs allot more work to it but all together i didn't mind doing this one and was relatively pleased with it and found it a simple walk to do as there are allot of very subtle movements.

Looking back on these walks i know that they all need working on and need more performance in them but all in all i enjoyed animating walks and feel like it is something i would do more of just for good practice.

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