Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ident Project

The brief for this project was to create an ident for Falmouth University using some form of animation. When we were fist given this brief i was wasn't really that keen on it but after being shown some examples and looking more into title sequences and indents for various things i quite liked the idea of creating a simple but cool looking ident. Being stuck for ideas me and tony walker decided to team up and brain storm ideas together. we looked at many but both agreed on an ident that would be in a similar style to these two pieces..

Catch me if you can Title sequence.

We both really liked the graphic style to this sequence and the use of simple colours and lines but with clever transitions and change of colours.

The Pacific Title Sequence
We looked at more and i just thought of other title sequences and remembered the opening sequence of a tv series called The Pacific. I loved this series, and the title sequence just popped into my head. its a bit far from what we were asked to do but i just love how the drawings bleed into the live footage and the colours work perfectly with setting up the feet and style of the series.

Sherlock Holmes End Credits
Another film that uses a very similar technique and in my eyes in a better way is at the credits of Sherlock Holmes.

i think that the credits in this style work perfectly, its one of the very few film where i have sat and watched all of the credits, purely because they made the credits more of an art piece rather than a list of names.

Going back to more of the graphic style i Chose to base my ident on this very graphical intro created by Jr. Canest.

I really like this title sequence because its really quirky, colourful, the transitions of colours and shapes work well and above all it works really well with the music. watching this title sequence made me realise how important the music is, as in this piece everything is interacting with it and the objects are almost dancing to the the soundtrack and this is what i feel makes it a good title sequence.

Jr.Canest Crazy Enough Title sequence

My test animation

after having a brain storm on the style i knew what i was aiming for so i did a quick test in Toon Boom to see how plausible the idea would be. this is very rough and is very different from what i imagine the final outcome to be but i was happy because of how simple it was to create.

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