Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Beginning, morphing assignment

Hello my name is Rhys Harvey and i am studying Digital animation at Falmouth.

To start with i was really not very keen on the theory side of this course and wasn't looking forward to doing allot of reading and writing. But after a couple of history and theory lectures i realised how important it is and i found it really interesting. I now want to read more and find out as much about animation as possible.

                                                                   Morphing Assignment

Are first 2d animation assignment was to morph a classmates drawing into one of your own. Morphing has always been a big interest to me and i found this surprisingly easier to do than i expected. I was really happy with the outcome even though it was just a short and simple morph and Morphing in a traditional 2d way is something i definitely want to elaborate on more as i just love the unique look it gives when done well.

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