Monday, 5 May 2014

Headless man

I have worked more on the headless man idea for my pre-production module and have come up with a simple story that Im happy with at the moment and it goes something like this. 

Opening scene,
The birth scene of the headless baby with the head and body separate, the head comes out first and everyone panics and goes crazy.
Cuts and goes straight into the apartment of the grown up head and body in their 20s starting a day like any other.
We start to see the conflict between the head and the body as they don’t work well together. The head is lazy and the body is energetic.
We see them do the same routine every day and get more and more angry with each other through various activities and scenarios. We see then arguing and struggling to work together but the only time we see then want the same thing is when they pass a book store each day and see this girl through the window, even then they aren't working together but this is where they show the erge to peruse the same thing.
But the head and body still don’t like each other and argue more and more,
The conflict between the two grows and grows to a point where they try and kill themselves.
Just before this happens they see on the news that the book store where the girl works catches on fire and she is trapped inside. They both burst out the door and come to a crowd of people around the store, they cant see what's going on so the body helps the head by lifting it up above the crowd to see. They make a brave decision to go in and save the girl and finally they come together and work as a team to help each other out and save her from the burning building. The head gets trapped by a fallen beam but the body saves the head.
The girl makes it out alive but the building collapses and you don’t see weather the head and body survive.
Big pause and the finial scene is of them in their apartment like every other morning but there is contraptions and inventions all around the flat and you see them working together as one person. The place is full of books and as he goes out to the book store you see on the news the birth of another person with this headless problem.

It is very basic at the moment but i want to keep the story quite simple with the main focus being all about the head and body learning to live with each other and becoming one person or in their case two that work together to become one.

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