Saturday, 22 February 2014

Deep Project

Deep is a collaborative film created by students, staff and industry professionals. it is a short film run by are lecturers Derek Hays and Katharine Nicholls and its based on the idea of stuff being within scratches on old film. it has one narrative throughout the film but is made up off many different styles which change every time the characters jump through the layers of film. I was assigned to help create the intro scene along with Tony Walker, Oly Bromley,Toby,James Rowden and Lydia Pourmand. The scene starts with the title at the top of a desert, the camera then pans down to go through the cracks in the earth, it is then revealed that these cracks are the start of a city scape and the camera then moves further down into this city that is made up of many different styles of buildings. to start with this seemed a hard concept to grasp and we are still unsure how to merge all these building together so i started by coming up with a few concepts of how the buildings could look at different levels of this city.

They started off at very quick concepts. This one off how the bottom level could look similar to that of old London.

This again was a concept to just get an idea of what some buildings could look like. at one point the camera will be passing a close up of a building and this was an idea for that.

 I spent more time on this concept as we all had a bit more clear idea of what we wanted. The top and start of this scene is of a desert and we where told to use the look of 1960's very straight blocks of flats so I tried to adapt that to make it also feet more naturally with the desert look.

I also created a very rough camera shot in Maya with just blocks to get an idea of what is going to happen and how the city could work with the camera move.

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  1. Rhys, your concept art is absolutely stunning @_@
    The lighting and colours and perspective is really perfect :D It's been really cool to see some of your work during the DEEP seminars :)

    I'm wondering, is there any tutorials you'd recommend for this kind of concept art? :) I'm really wanting to get into digital painting in my spare time but getting the lighting/perspective right is always something I seem to struggle with a lot