Sunday, 17 February 2013

Infinitus Artificium

Infinitus Artificium is a third year project based on dance, using a combination of 2d and 3d animation. I had looked at what they where doing with this project and once i saw that they where highly influenced by Ryan Woodward and his 2D animation Thought of you, i was immediately interested.

Ryan Woodward. Thought of you

I love the work of Ryan Woodward and especially love this animation because of the style of it.
I was asked by the leader of this third year project to do a test animation of a short scene but to try and put some style into it similar to that of Ryan Woodward's work, to give it an inky feel and show motion.

My Test Animation
I loved doing this short test animation because it was something completely different to what i have been doing so far in the first semester. I found some of it awkward to do as the style of Woodward work is very unique and trying to get something that looked similar to it proved challenging. Although this test was a very quick animation i felt that i achieved some sort of style to it, that showed motion.

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